Help   gFr21


Suppliers list

                            Search : We can filter providers by name.



                 Delete : To remove a provider from the list you have to slide your finger over the line provider's want to delete. When the "delete" button if you press delete it asks if you want. (If you have orders associated with the supplier, we inform: Provider "(name of supplier)" NOT be deleted because it is associated orders.

When selecting a supplier, you have direction, the map appears showing your address with a pin.

If the data address, telephone, mobile or mail any or all appear in underlined blue. Click on the address, open Maps. Click on a phone opens up the phone to make the call. Click to mail us Mail program opens.

List of order : If a provider has associated orders, when you select from the list orders appear in the list of orders. If you select an order in the list go to the order window to modify, duplicate, delete, preview it, e-mail, export or add gro order.

   You can sort (ascending or descending) by: Order number, date of order, if the order is exposure to which the client order and amount of order.

             Button  : If we click on the button to the window supplier management.

Supplier management

              Button : Opens the context menu to select a new supplier, new supplier from contacts or import suppliers if we have

              previously sent a file to the application to import suppliers, if there is no pending file importing, the Import button does not appear.

New supplier: Create a new provider with the name "+ Supplier ...".

New from contacts : Create a new supplier from the contact app.



               Button : When we have a selected provider can remove it, before deleting it will ask if you want to.

                           Buttons : With these buttons you can select the next or previous supplier. This we can do it by sliding your

                          finger left or right of the page where we are.

            Button : This button appears if the selected supplier has address, clicking this button will display the map with the

           address with a pin. If we address in the place of delivery is also displayed on the map.

           Button : Click go to catalog management.