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(4) Button             :  Opens a menu to select how to associate an image to order

    If an image instead of the icon (machine photos) means the order and has at least one associated image                      , if click on image opens a window where

    you can view all the pictures from the order, add another remove

Sorts the list orders by order number, date, if exposure, amount, supplier or clients.

By selecting one going to order management.

Upon entering order management have not previously selected if none, creates a new one and assign it to the supplier and customer selected earlier in the list.

(3) Buttons to manage order


(1) Client List Button to assign the request to another client

(B)  Order statistics

Displays the orders for the selected year

Displays orders according to the selected search criteria

(A) Order management

List of orders

The delivery date is visible if we delivery date set out in supplier. in this case, added to the order date supplier delivery days.

(2) Button Reference list shows the references of all selected vendor catalogs.

Reference selected in the list,

displays the name of the catalog to which it belongs, description, quantity, price, discount. unit and amount. By default established in the article, the Disc. we set it in the catalog. All fields can be modified.

Displays the orders for the selected supplier in the list

Displays the orders for the selected zone in the list

(A)  Order management

Observations order.

Payment by default puts that we established in the client, if there are none, puts the provider.

Removes the list line by sliding your finger horizontally.

When we have selected a line button appears that allows us to add the text of the long description for the reference.

Date Order

Reference customer order &/or supplier.

(4) Main Image Button project.

If the discount is nonzero, a button         for adding a second discount, this will be applied to the result of the first discount amount minus.

(1) Button                      : Opens a list of customers where we can assign the request to another client. In the list we have a search field                          , we also have the ability to go to customer management            to eg add a new one

(2) Button                           : Opens a list of references of all selected vendor catalogs, where we can choose a reference to add to the order. In the list we have a search field                              , we also have the ability to go to product management           to eg add a new one. In all catalogs is a reference to the name of TEXT this is used to add lines of text to orders.

(3) Button          : Añade un nuevo pedido con el proveedor y cliente seleccionados.

(3) Button          : Duplicates the selected order.

(3) Button          : Removes the selected order.

(3) Button                         : Selects the previous or next order

(3) Button            :  Opens a menu

(a) Preview the selected order, when we see we can send it by mail or other applications, eg Dropbox

(b) Send by mail order selected by default puts us addresses customer, supplier and a copy to us at the address set in the data of our company.

(c) Exports the selected order in. Csv format, this allows us to open eg order in a spreadsheet.

(B)  Order statistics

The statistic can view by month, quarter, semester as you select. You can also select sales to suppliers or customers, and can be sorted by name or amount.

- With the order we can print the images associated the project. You can also print the pictures of the products in the order, the latter option can be disabled in the preferences.

It shows if the order is for exposure.

It shows if the order is delivered.

Control order delivery

Control Exhibition

Displays the orders for the selected customer in the list

Reset all search