Help   gFr21


Family to which the item belongs

Selector supplier.

By selecting a reference image appears (if you have linked).

Click on the image, go to the window catalog images.

Product management

List of products

Product management

         Button : New reference: Create a new reference with the name "+ Reference ...".

         Button : When we have a selected product can remove it, before deleting it will ask if you want to.

                     Buttons : With these buttons you can select the next or previous item. This we can do it by sliding your finger left or right of the page where we are.

         Button : This button appears if the item has linked image. Opens selected catalog display. Its operation is described in catalog management.

          Button : Opens the context menu in order to select, as we add an image (Chamber of photos, pictures library, Dropbox, Paste image) or to delete.


Find references for any data listed.

Catalog selector.